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    CROATIA --- Historical status --- What have we done --- Current status  

Historical status

Specific Saker Falcon research in Croatia was not implemented before 2006. The historical information about the species was scarce with only few localities of the species suggesting possible breeding in the country.


© I. Grlica


What have we done:

During initiation of SESN we established cooperation with Mr. Ivan Darko Grlica and his society “Drava” and they started a Saker Falcon research program that is 4 years old now. Drava’s work is supported by various organizations such as Ministry of Culture in Croatia (responsible authority for nature protection in the country), The Embassy of Kingdom of Netherlands and SESN.
Large scale power line survey started in 2007 in the frame of SESN with cooperation of Dr. Andrew Dixon (International Wildlife Consultants (UK) Ltd.). The study regions were Podravina, Posavina, Slavonia and Srijem (Syrmia). 3000 electric power poles and more than 1000 km of power transmission lines were explored. As a result the first 2 nests on pylons in eastern Croatia were discovered. The survey revealed also 468 active nests of different bird species. Monitoring of the growth of the young birds was conducted as well as the first ringing of Saker Falcon in Croatia.
Drava Society performs educational activities in Croatian schools in order to increase the awareness of the youth about the importance of Saker Falcon preservation as well as preservation of biodiversity in Croatia. The Saker activities of the society are coordinated with the Croatian Electric Company and documented by the Croatian Television.
Croatian Saker Falcon project aims to produce scientific and popular publications about the Saker Falcon – behavior, ecology and ways of conservation. Another planed activity is to implement actions that could improve the Saker Falcon breeding status such as habitat revitalization and placement of artificial nests.
Thanks to the activities of Society Drava, two young female Saker Falcons from two nests were rescued in 2009. The young birds are under rehabilitation now and they are soon to be released in the wild.
Detailed information about Sakers in Croatia can be found at the following link.


Current status

There are 2 known nests in Croatia currently with estimated national population 3-5 breeding pairs.


Typical Saker Falcon habitat in Croatia © I. Grlica


Typical Saker Falcon habitat in Croatia © I. Grlica

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