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    MACEDONIA --- Historical status --- Current status --- What have we done --- Conclusion  

Historical status

Historical Saker data for Macedonia is scarce. During 1930’s-1980’s the species was registered 5 times but only one observation of a single bird during the breeding season (April, 1958). The rest of the records come from non-breeding season. Based on this, Dimovski (1972) states that Saker is only migratory species in Macedonia (Micevski in litt.). 

Current status

There are 4 certain species records during the 21st. Three of them refer to single birds observations during the breeding season. Additionally there are 4 more Falcon records that authors presume were Sakers but were not positively identified as Saker Falcons. According to the International Action Plan for Saker Falcon (Nagy & Demeter, 2006) 0-3 pairs inhabit Macedonia (data provided by Metodia Velevski).

Saker Falcons from Macedonia – museum specimens
© B. Micevski

What have we done:

Expedition was conducted in 2007 aiming to clarify Saker presence. Three organizations took part in the survey - Institute of Biology (Prof. Branko Micevski and Aleksander Manasov), International Wildlife Consultants (UK) Ltd. (Dr. Andrew Dixon) and The Association for Protection and Breeding Birds of Prey – JARAK (Ognen Polenak). The survey revealed only few Lanner Falcon territories, but not Saker Falcons. DNA (feather samples) was collected from Lanner Falcons. This material will be used in a study on genetics of Hierofalcons especially in terms of getting better understanding of historical hybridizations in the region between Sakers and Lanners that was suggested by Boev & Dimitrov (1995).



Confirmed breeding of Saker Falcons in Macedonia have never been reported. The species was always rare in the past and is probably extinct nowadays.

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